Conflict Management


Different people or groups of people have different opinions, goals or objectives. Where people have to work together for a common goal, there are different opinions on how to achieve these goals. Even when people are in exactly the same situation, there are different views, perceptions or experiences of this situation. Such differences are often the cause of conflict. Conflict situations can bring the best out of people (competition) or can be destructive for all parties involved.

In this course we will make the students aware of potential conflict situations and how to deal with them.


Learn that conflicts are human.
Recognise your conflicts.
Reacting to conflicts.
Causes for conflicts.
Preventing conflicts.
Ways to resolve conflicts.
Learning from conflicts.


Learn that conflicts are human
Conflicts happen everyday;
The cycle of conflicts.
Recognise your conflicts
The conflict chart;
The conflict log;
The analysis.
Reacting to conflicts
Learning to react;
Conflicts affect the body
How do YOU react?
Avoiding conflict;
Choose how to react.
Causes for conflicts
Why do you want to know?
Key causes for conflict;
Test your knowledge;
Discuss the key causes.
Preventing conflicts
Use what you know about your conflicts;
Use what you know about reacting to conflicts;
Use what you know about causes of conflicts;
Use some humor.
Ways to resolve conflicts
Conflict analysis;
Fight fairly;
The conflict scale;
Tell and listen;
Ignore the conflict?
Down playing a conflict;
Use authority;
A negotiated solution;
The method
Learning from conflicts
What worked;
What did not;
Confess to yourself.

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